Review Anime: Charlotte


Comedy, Drama, Magic


School life, Superpowers


Special abilities occur among a small percentage of boys and girls in puberty. Yū Otosaka uses his power without others knowing, and lives a fairly normal, average school life. Before him suddenly appears a girl, Nao Tomori. Due to his meeting with her, the fate of special power-users will be exposed.

Main Character

Nao Tomori

Nao is a first-year student and also the student council president of Hoshinoumi Academy. She is hardworking, but is also narcissistic. She has the ability to make herself invisible, but this is limited to one person of her choosing at a time. She is a huge fan of the band Zhiend. She hates people who use their power for no good.

Yuu Otosaka 

Yuu is a first-year student at Hoshinoumi Academy and is the protagonist of Charlotte. He is rude and bad at studying. He usually behaves as if he were smart, but he is actually a chronic cheater. He says things which sound clever, and he is a narcissist. He has the ability to take over another person's body for five seconds.

Ayumi Otosaka

Ayumi is Yuu's little sister. She likes stars. She is also a huge fan of the Idol Yusa Nishimori.

Yusa Kurobane 

Yusa is a first-year student and the vocalist for the band How-Low-Hello. She is able to speak to the dead. She uncontrollably channels her dead older sister Misa, who occasionally possesses her. When this occurs, her appearance changes, such as her eye color turning from blue to red.

Back Staff:

Series DirectorYoshiyuki Asai
ScriptJun Maeda
Original Character DesignNa-Ga
Character DesignKanami Sekiguchi
Art DirectorKazuki Higashiji
Sound DirectorSatoki Iida

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